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    The Obscene Russian Sleep Experiment (Where all of them start ripping off their flesh and that kind of thing)
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    So we all know about the Logan Paul Suicide Forest drama; what is your opinion on it? Do you think Logan should be forgiven? Or should he be punished more than he already has been?
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    I believe that camp created a very cringy post. However, I completely agree with @NorthernAxis
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    In my personal opinion, I don't forgive him, nor do I believe he should be punished further. It wasn't just that he failed to censor the entire body, it was that afterwards he was laughing about it. I love how right after he comes back, he does a 1 million dollar giveaway to charity. I don't think he actually cares about the victims, he just wants his reputation back up. That's my view of it.
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